Prism Industries, LLC was started by Tim, Alex, and Michael in 2016. We were all born and raised in the greater Richmond, VA area. After talking about starting a company for years, and accumulating over two decades worth of experience, we finally decided that the time had come to start Prism Industries. We obtained a business license and a license from the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services to allow us to operate within regulated industries.

Tim has many years of experience as a locksmith, computer and electronics repairman, home alarm and surveillance installer, and overall electronics guru.  He has a passion for soldering and repairing electronics. Tim's keen eye for detail has helped shape Prism Industries' reputation for our clean and efficient home installations.

Alex started repairing and building computers at a very young age. Working on his own and for another local company for the better part of two decades he has developed strong relationships with local businesses and built a vast knowledge of computers and electronics.

Michael helped bring Tim and Alex together in the business world and aided in the foundation of Prism Industries. With his practical knowledge of business he has brought customer service and satisfaction to the forefront.

Together the three of us strive to leave every customer satisfied.  We use our broad expertise of everything related to electronics to remedy any situation that may arise.  We hope to be a local solution to the national chains of one stop shops. We can beat most national brand's prices, and will always beat their customer service.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you, and don't hesitate to reach out even if you just have questions or want a free consultation.

-The Prism Industries Team

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